On June 23rd/24th, BC’s Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) will be making a stop in Fernie. The unit is a publicly funded, high-tech medical care center on wheels. It is intended for treatment at four levels:

1. Outreach Clinics and First Aid
2. Minor III and Injured
3. Critical Care and Emergency Resuscitation
4. Emergency Life-Saving Surgery

The unit originated from the 2010 Olympics and Paralympics in Whistler and has now spread its use across the province. It features 1100 sq feet of flexible patient care space, monitored/non-monitored bays, a multi purpose procedure room, medical imaging and point of care testing. Included in the complex along with the hospital trailer is a support trailer to transport medical equipment, an oxygen concentrator that allows the facility to produce its own oxygen and two tented structures for a variety of uses.


“The Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) is maintained in a state of readiness, available to be called upon in the unplanned event of a natural disaster or other emergency that requires surge capability or replacement of a damaged health care facility”. It also travels around the province providing services which are as follows: renovation support, public health outreach, emergencies and disaster relief, event support, education and research. The goal of the cross-province tours is to bundle these services therefore providing communities with solutions to a broad spectrum of medical issues.


Fernie will be the next stop on this tour and it will be located outside The Elk Valley Hospital. The focus of the stop will be education and awareness with training programs for hospital staff, physicians, nurses, paramedics and firefighters. In a town known for its recreational and mining attributes, the event should prove beneficial for medical staff and thus the general public. Residents are encouraged to participate in the open house hosted from 10:00am to 7:00pm on Monday, June 23rd.

Source: Mobile Medical Unit

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