Fernie Mayor’s Update

The MOU for the policing contract has been signed and in 2018 the City will pay for five members at a cost of $782,520, an increase of about $61.53 for the average home or 17 cents a day.

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BC Family Day Moving

With the NDP’s moving of BC’s Family Day to coincide with the Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Montana holiday, in 2019 Fernie residents will have to contend with the busiest weekend of the year.

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Powder Monday

Fernie delivered another epic Powder Monday that that followed a Powder Sunday and lead into a Powder Tuesday and a Powder Wednesday.

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Fernie month of Monsoons

In Whitefish they asked, “Has it rained like this in Fernie?” “Yes. Like a Fernie month of monsoons.” “We’ve had […]

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