Fernie Museum The Fernie District Historical Society was founded in 1964 and is dedicated to preserving and presenting the history of Fernie by collecting and displaying photographs, artifacts and documents relating to Fernie’s development.

Fernie Museum

The Fernie Museum is located in one of Fernie’s distinctive heritage buildings at 491 Victoria Avenue in the downtown. The building itself, an important example of Fernie’s rich history, boasts a main floor exhibit hall with the visitor info centre, as well as a lovely museum gallery on the second floor.

Charm of the Town

For at least a hundred years, visitors and residents have admired the beauty of Fernie. They have come in search of a simpler life…

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Fernie City Hall

Fernie City Hall is the home of the Miner’s Walk, a tribute to Fernie’s mining legacy featuring municipal gardens, local sculpture, and interpretive panels.

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Fernie Derrick

Akamina #1 was the first oil well drilled in BC. This was done in 1907 by the Royal Canadian Oil Company.

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Historic Downtown Fernie

It was one dramatic defining moment that brought about the architectural vista that one is presented with in downtown Fernie these days.

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History of Fernie

Just over a century ago, populated seasonally by First Nations peoples, Fernie was a pristine wilderness.

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Joseph Frederick Spalding

From 1904 to 1958, the year of his death, Joseph Frederick Spalding was a prolific commercial photographer, active around British Columbia and beyond.

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Skiing in Fernie

In the early days, snow shoeing, tobogganing and skating were the winter sports most enjoyed by Fernie residents.

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The Fernie Courthouse

The first Court House was simply a shack that used for less than one year. Then in April, 1899, the courts moved to a “grander” building which measured 28 feet square.

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The Fernie Fire of 1904

Fernie owes its existence to the start-up of the local coal mines in 1897 and the arrival of the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1898.

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The Heritage Walking Tour Booklet

The Heritage Walking Tour provides an excellent glimpse into Fernie’s historic past, showcasing the beautiful historic buildings that give Fernie its unique character and charm.

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The Kootenay Railway Wars

The reason why two railways served the Elk Valley from 1904 to 1936 is intimately intertwined with the history of Canada, Canadian/American relations, Federal/Provincial politics, and corporate competition.

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