Fernie.com delivers traffic

• Digital advertising delivers immediate results, users directly connect to your business

• Fernie.com has thousands of user visits every day

• 75% of those users are new visitors

• Fernie.com will increase your businesses awareness, leads and sales

Fresh content and online promotion

• Relevant news and events keep visitors returning

• Content is pushed by social media and newsletters

• Striking photography engages with the #ferniereport

• The Fernie Community Forum facilitates public content

• Webcams and the weather station offers real-time weather and road conditions

• Fernie.com has daily snow conditions and Avalanche reports

• Fernie.com has custom branded pages for local government and not-for-profit clubs and groups

Newsletters and Social Media

• Fernie.com weekly newsletters are sent to 15,000 addresses

• Fernie.com news and events are pushed daily on social media to 15,000 followers

Promotional Listings

Fernie.com offers listings with a weblink, Alpine Lodge Fernie for example:


Listings 40-word description, hyperlink and an image
First Listing $28 / month
Additional listings $5 / month (Casual Dining $28/month plus Bars and Nightlife $5/month)


Banner Advertising

All Fernie.com pages offer banner advertising. This is proven and affordable tactic to directly connect with a relevant audience.

Here are banner samples showing the available sizing:

Square (300 x 300 px)


Horizontal (780 x 145 px)


Category Square and Horizontal
Home Page plus Secondary pages $400 / month
Secondary Pages Only $200 / month


Newsletter Advertising

Horizontal banners can be included in FernieNewsletters to complement a website campaign at a cost of $100 per newsletter.


FernieLive is a free app that streams all Fernie.com content, including all advertising listings.



Dan Savage / Publisher / Editor

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