Fernie delivered another epic Powder Monday that that followed a Powder Sunday and lead into a Powder Tuesday and a Powder Wednesday. Oh and the weather forecasters are predicting taht another 25cms is coming Thursday so we’ll most likely have a Powder Friday and Powder Saturday. That’s a week of powder skiing!

And how deep was it? Raging Elk Joe said waist deep. Nathan said is was chest deep. Stu said Polar Peak was knee deep. The guy from Montreal that I rode the lift with this morning said it was too deep.

Here the stoke from the stoker himself, Dylan Siggers, capturing the action this Powder Tuesday.

The weather experts are comparing this snow cycle to the winter of 1997. That was the season that my wife and I decided to stop risking our lives driving on treacherous roads from Calgary and moved to Fernie full time. And these days I’m skiing this wonderful powder with my kids…You too can make this your reality!

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