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During a two-year kayak expedition across the North Pacific, Jon Turk met Moolynaut, the last of the northeast Siberian shamans who was raised in a Stone Age culture.  She healed an old injury that had been troubling me.  Over time, Moolynaut and the reindeer people of the tundra introduced me to shamanistic wisdom, which is centered around a life-altering spiritual connection to the landscape.


As an educator, Jon wrote the first environmental science textbook in North America.  As an adventurer, his crossing of the North Pacific was rated by Paddler Magazine as one of the “10-Best All-Time Sea Kayaking” expeditions.  In the past, he has performed in front of enthusiastic audiences at Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, and Yale – and also in street circus. His presentation exciting, emotional, and thought provoking

The Raven’s Gift has generated over-the-top enthusiasm because it reaches deep into our subconscious — ancient environmental ethics told by a revered elder around the flickering light of a metaphorical campfire.

Henry Pollack: Co-Winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore wrote: “The tension between his own logical scientific background and the mysterious shamanistic wisdom of his healer is at the heart of this wonderfully-told story of Koryak life, and of his own personal transformation.”

Donna Seaman of the American Library Association wrote:  Turk writes with prowess, nerve, and precision…[He] attests to the innate powers of the body, mind and soul that are awakened when we immerse ourselves in “Wild Nature”

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