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The concept of having a whitewater park in Fernie has existed for a few decades. The dream of surfing after work or school has been widely discussed by kayakers and surfers but never acted upon. Past floods destroyed the Ghostrider wave, north of Fernie, and established a motivation to create a permanent wave within the community.

In 2012 the Fernie Whitewater Society, a not for profit group of volunteers, was created to begin the task of creating a Whitewater Park in Fernie. To ensure that a potential facility would be everything it could be to all river users the world’s leading whitewater park designer, Scott Shipley of S2o Designs, was contracted to create conceptual plans for consideration. There plans were well received.

An open house was held at the Fernie Golf and Country Club in 2012. Over 200 people attended and the everybody was introduced to the concept of a whitewater park by Scott Shipley. Scott also spent two days on the river looking at our park options.

The goal of the Society is to build a surf wave in the Dogwood Park area. We invite you be get involved to ensure your river usage improves!

Here is an image from the first Fernie Whitewater Society meeting:

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