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Last month , Ryley Penner from Lundbreck, AB flew out to Ontario to compete for a spot on the Canadian Jr National Slalom Team. He raced hard over 2 days May 27-28, in exceptionally difficult conditions on the Gull River in Minden, Ontario. The Gull is probably Canada’s toughest slalom course and it was in flood conditions. Check out the promo video from the practice runs before the race. Ryley is in the red boat and was selected as the #1 Junior athlete in Canada in his class – K1M Jr for the 3rd year running.


Pretty amazing results for our little club here in southern Alberta. We are very proud of his success and it can be attributed to the support we have received over the years from our club to hire a coach for our kids each summer, buy club equipment and pay for club programs like our youth paddling camps.

Ryley will fly to Europe late June and will spend 3 weeks training in Slovakia to get ready for his race in Liptovksy at the Junior World Slalom Championships. As you can imagine this is an expensive proposition for the family. There is no support from Sports Canada for slalom kayak racing. Sue and I are footing the $3,800 bill for plane tickets, coaching fees, and food and accommodations for 3 weeks in Europe.

To help support Ryley, the club is running a Steak Fundraiser for the trip. If you enjoyed the steaks at the 3RWWR or this winter’s steak fundraiser, we have a bulk order with the same local butcher to supply steaks for us. Its BBQ season and these are great steaks that you will have to buy sometime this summer. So why not support this young athlete at the same time.
Here is the offer:
$90 for a 10 lb box of Sirloin Steaks (approximately 20 steaks in a box)
Marinated or Plain (we recommend the marinated – they come out more tender and juicier)
You can order the steaks from me or Sue. Let me know if you want marinated or plain.

We will make deliveries in late June to Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge and Fernie.

If you want to join us for some paddling, a clinic or want to register for a course or our summer camps, check out our website for details and information.

Chuck Lee
Box 162, Lundbreck, AB, T0K 1H0

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