Park Place Lodge

Well before dawn, I stood at my window with a new winter reflected in the streetlights. As I stood, cradling a hot cup of coffee, a spike buck walked along the side of the house and out into the yard. Stopping for a moment to browse on a bush, he continued and walked uncaring down the middle of the street. His tracks a dainty contrast to the bear tracks left in the night on the other side of the house. Passing down the driveway, they turned left, into the woods and up the hill. Away from people.

There is a silence with the snow. There is less traffic. People hunker down, waiting. The few sounds are deadened. Everything seems covered with a muffler.

And the same time, even in the overcast, the day is bright. The snow reflects and brightens.

And I guess the question of the day is, When is the Griz Cam going live?

I want it now. Right now.

The Griz is back.

Long live the Griz.

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