Last summer there was a checker at Save-on-More, a 20-something, Troy. He was a bright light. Getting in a conversation while checking you out every time. Even with just a few items, he engaged you. One hot afternoon, he asked, “What are you doing for the rest of the day?”

“I’m going home, sitting on my deck and drinking beer.”

The woman behind me in line said, “That sounds like a great idea.”

Motioning to the two of us, Troy says, “You ought to invite her.”

So I did, but she actually had other plans.

Troy checked at the Save-on-More, but also provided an ad hoc, in-line dating service, too. That’s real personal service.

Now we have two rows of automatic self-checkout lanes.


Let’s refuse to use them.

When they try to move us there, say “No.” Firmly.

When they ask why, say, “That’s a machine, not a person. I support people and jobs. Bring back Troy.”

There are times we must stand up, be firm. Say NO to Chat GT. Say NO to auto-check out.

Bring Back Troy.


I went into Save-on More this afternoon and lo and behold, Troy was back!


But wait!!

In the management’s divine wisdom, they placed Troy at the end of the self-checkout rows. Seriously. One of the most personable guys ever to work at Save-on-More is working an attempt to kill workers.

Go figure.

And you wonder why customer service has gone downhill?

Keith Liggett has a writing career with one foot in the literary and the other seeking a different angle within traditional journalism. Read more from Keith here.

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