We’re in the last of the five seasons of Fernie — Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Not-Winter. Not-Winter is bounded by Fall and Winter. We are lured into a sense of “a lingering Fall” by the last larches holding a bit of gold on their branches and a solid disc of gold around their base like the cloth below a Christmas tree. We think it is still Fall.

But NO.

Fall left a month ago with the last of the cottonwood leaves. The maples, the first indicators of Fall, left us high and dry two months ago.

What are we thinking? We’re duped.

This is Not-Winter however people are skiing.

It’s Not-Winter and people are biking the trails.

It rains. It snows. It rains. And it snows. And then it rains some more.

And the rest of us think Not-Winter sucks.

The good aspect is Not-Winter will be followed by Winter!

The most positive about Not-Winter.

Happy Winter folks, we’re almost there!

By Keith Liggett

Keith Liggett has a writing career with one foot in the literary and the other seeking a different angle within traditional journalism. Read more from Keith here.

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