Your first challenge will definitely be to find a place for you and your stuff for the next few months. There is a lot more choice and  prices are cheaper. Once November hits, winter pricing goes into effect and there is not as much available. Remember that the longer time frame you commit to renting, the better the monthly rate will usually be.

Short Term: Hostels

A hostel offers a great place to stay when you are looking for something more long term.

Raging Elk International Hostel
Fernie’s only HI hostel. Across from Edge of the World on 9th Street and 6th Ave. 250-423-6811

Long term: Rooms, Apartments & Houses

There is no employee housing in Fernie, so when it comes to finding accommodation for the long haul, you’re on your own. One of the best ways to source your place is online. The Community Forum on lists houses, apartments and rooms for rent; it’s a great way to find a place before you even get here.

If you’re moving to Fernie with more than one other person, chances are you will be able to rent a house if you arrive early enough or find something in advance. Otherwise, you’re limited to apartments (few) or rooms in a house (many).

There are a few key spots in Fernie to source a place; the community bulletin board across from the Post Office downtown always has rooms posted (and everything else, from fridges to farm animals).

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