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Fernie’s geography takes a while to get used to. To orient yourself, think of the Highway toward Calgary as North/East and the ski hill as South/West.

As you’re finding your way around town, most locals will direct you places based on sections of town. These are basically divided into ‘On the Hill’, ‘West Fernie’, ‘The Airport/Mountview’, ‘’The Highway’, The Annex’, ’Ridgemont’ and ‘Downtown’. (If you’re headed to Elko or Sparwood, you’re not in Fernie anymore, so turn around.)

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On the Hill

The ski hill. Basically, no one lives up there unless they have a lot more money than you are likely to bring to town with you. A month’s rent here could match your salary for the season. You will also find yourself going downtown everyday for groceries or to go out for some fun. Not recommended especially if your driving.

West Fernie

Toward the ski hill, just after the bridge and on either side of the highway, West Fernie is most famous for being a ‘lil bit redneck and for being the location of the hitching post, perfect for rides to the ski hill. Housing is cheaper here, but it’s a farther walk downtown – about 15 minutes.

The Airport or Mountview

The Airport area is so named because – wait for it – there used to be an actual airport there.  It’s a modern family oriented subdivision, unlike the more historic areas of Fernie; what it lacks in character it makes up for in green space. The houses are bigger here but it’s a fairly long walk downtown, from some streets, it can be up to 20 minutes. It’s also a fair stretch from the ski hill.

The Highway

It’s the only highway, so it’s kind of hard to miss. There are very few houses on the highway; those that live here can expect, well, highway noise. The advantages of living there are the close proximity of grocery & convenience stores and the cold beer and wine store at Park Place Lodge.

The Annex

This is definitely one of the hottest spots to find a place in Fernie; its sort of the yuppie haven of town. The Annex boasts an awesome park and trail, lots of historic homes with great character, and a multitude of rental rooms and suites. The Annex is located on the south side of the highway and is bordered by the river.


Perfect for anyone relying on shoe leather for getting around. This modern subdivision sits on the ridge, across the railway tracks from the downtown, which is about a five minute walk. There are lots of rental suites and rooms available here, although the prices may be a bit higher and the competition for spots more intense.


What’s cool about living downtown is you can walk everywhere within about  five minutes. All the bars are in the Downtown (except the Griz Bar on the ski hill, which is strictly après ski anyway), and pretty much everything else – from groceries to gear – is located there as well. Housing prices can vary but are generally pretty reasonable –the ideal location if you don’t have a car and you want to party.

Parkland Terrace and Alpine Trails

Like the Airport area, this is a pretty far hike from the ski hill. Although it’s a beautiful area, near to the grocery store and fast food, it’s also inconvenient for daily transportation to the hill or downtown. You will need a car or count on paying for cabs.


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