In Fernie there is no public transit system. If you don’t have a car, your options are pretty limited, but eventually (it might take a while) you will get there. Regardless, everything within town is walkable, and you should be able to get groceries, beer, and all the other things you need without transportation other than your own tootsies most of the time. Check out one of the City Maps online or pick up your own at participating businesses.

Kootenay Taxi is the one and only local cab company is a great way to get around.

There usually is day shuttle from town to the hill in the winter that has designated pickup spots (hostels, hotels) and costs a small fee way. A multi-ride and season’s pass are available for a better rate.

Most winters, local businesses initiate an evening shuttle to encourage tourists to come from the ski hill to town.

Another popular option is hitching at the end of the West Fernie bridge. It is by no means reliable or guaranteed. The golden rule is, don’t give drivers attitude – ever. Some regular hitchers start to expect rides after a while and get agro about locals who don’t offer rides. This is a sure fire way to guarantee that no one will pick you up – ever.

To get in and out of town, there are three methods: for traveling anywhere other than Calgary, it’s Greyhound Bus (which leaves at really inconvenient times but is as regular as clockwork, and can take you East or West). To and from Calgary, there are daily winter airport shuttles through various companies (one way shuttle to Calgary airport or from Calgary Airport to Fernie).

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