• The Saturday Morning Griz Cartoons

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    Half-light of early morning. Heavy snowfall. Indistinct shapes of houses and a newly buried car are visible in the near distance through the falling snow. The camera first looks down the length of the street, then pans up to the name of the street on the corner post. The Yellow Brick Road. And then pans back to the street.

    Soon little bumps can be seen moving in the snow. And mumbling heard. The snow seems to be almost bubbling. The bubbling moves down the street, closer to the camera and a melody can be heard. Vaguely familiar.

    As the patch of bubbling snow passes the camera and the camera follows the bubbles as they pass. The words become clear.

    Ding Dong
    The Griz is gone
    Ding Dong
    The Griz is gone

    A tremendous explosion is heard. A belly felt “BOOM”.

    The bubbling abruptly stops. All is still in the snowscape spread in front of the camera.

    There is no movement for a minute or two and then a single reedy voice starts in, almost questioning

    Ding (?) Dong(?)
    The Griz is gone (?)

    Pretty soon the bubbling is back to a boil, the words crystal clear and the bubbles continues down the Yellow Brick Road out of sight. As the bubbling moves away, the words become first muffled and then only the melody heard. Eventually even the melody fades away.

    The camera sees only snow. Falling snow with vague shapes being buried in the distance.

    Just snow.

    # # #

    Another piece in homage to the new FAR Griz Cam

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