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The Ghostriders defeated Creston in 5 games, next up is the Columbia Valley Rockies who defeated Kimberley in 5 games. Columbia Valley will be in Fernie this weekend on Friday and Saturday nights to get this series started.

Congratulations to the players coaches and trainers on getting through the first round. Just twelve more wins to go, then you can play in Kimberley for what used to be called the Cyclone Taylor Cup starting on April 18th. For the Nitro’s it’s gonna feel weird practicing for seven weeks with no games in that giant arena…

Team Captain Taylor Haggerty commented on the Creston series, “Creston was a tough opponent, they elevated their game very well coming into playoffs and game one was a nice wake up call for everyone that in the playoffs everything is much quicker and games are harder to win. I’m very proud of the team and we know that Invermere is going to be a tough series and we are gonna make sure we come more prepared than we did for game one against Creston”.

The voice of the Riders Dan “Cookie” McSkimming said, “That series had everything, three overtime’s, four games won by one goal and the series winning goal in the last 30 seconds of regulation by Lambert in his first game in months… I’m exhausted”.

Ghostriders defeated Creston

Levi Hall and Kaden Slobodian were named as the KIJHL players of the week ending February 25th.

All the Creston games were close and low scoring except the 6-5 track meet in Creston. Nick Kunyk played game four and won it in double OT and Levi Hall played the other games, what a tandem they have turned into.

In his first game actually playing, Jack Lambert scored the clinching goal in the last minute of the game. Jack was mobbed by the players after that they seem to like him a lot!

Taylor Haggerty said, “I’m extremely happy for Jack Lambert and what he did in game five. He worked so hard to get back the last three months and to see the hard work pay off was incredible. Couldn’t have wrote it any better”

It was a team effort, 11 players scored as least 1 goal and 17 players had at least one point. Coden Fournier, Taylor Haggerty, Kyler Watson and Jack Lambert each scored a game winning goal.

Congratulations Ghostriders and best wishes defeating the Columbia Valley Rockies!

See the game details here.

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