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1) City Hall Roofing Project – Agreement Amendment
Council approved an amendment to the previous agreement between the City and M& P Roofing Ltd. that changed the price from $106,660.00 (inclusive of any Social Services Tax, but exclusive of GST) to $131,710.00 (inclusive of any Social Services Tax, but exclusive of GST).
In 2007 Council approved a budget of $175,000 to replace the roof at City Hall. In April of 2009, the City of Fernie awarded M&P Roofing Ltd. the contract for replacing the roof. Due to a delay on finalizing a contract for the window replacement project and shortcomings with the roofing RFP the City was unable to begin the roofing project in the timeline originally anticipated. This delay, combined with an increase in the work required to complete the project, resulted in increases to material and equipment costs for the project.
2) Fernie Aquatic Centre Energy Retrofit Project – Contract Award
Council awarded the above noted contract to Coral Engineering at a price not to exceed $600,000 exclusive of GST.
The project has a total cost of approximately $600,000.00 and will be 100% funded through grants provided by the Federal Government.
Cost savings resulting from the project will be used to fund a new energy reserve fund in which to fund projects similar in nature. The project predicts upwards of $76,000.00 in annual cost savings and a 293 Tonne (69%) reduction in Green House Gas emissions.
The project retrofits the current Aquatic Centre Heat, Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) system with a dehumidification reclamation system that extracts heat from the pool area air stream, dehumidifies the air and then uses the extracted heat to heat the pools. A new exhaust air reclamation system will use air to be exhausted from the facility to pre-heat the outdoor air that is introduced to the pool area as ventilation air. Lastly, the project includes installation of solar panels to heat domestic hot water in the change rooms, meeting area and lobby washrooms.
Work is scheduled to begin during the annual shutdown period for the Aquatic Centre May 25 – July 1, 2010.
3) Summer Parks Shifts (10 Hour)
Council agreed to change the shift schedule for the Summer Parks crew to a 10 hour shift on a trial basis. This new shift will begin around May 1 and run through until the 1st week of August with shift hours being from 7:00 am – 5:00 pm. This new shift will provide more coverage for special events as well, provide enhanced weekend cleanup.
A Memorandum of Understanding with CUPE 2093 will have to be reached before implementation of the new shift schedule can begin.
4) Earth Hour – Saturday, March 27, 2010
(8:30 – 9:30 pm)
The City of Fernie’s plans to celebrate Earth Hour include:
• A free acoustic concert will be held on the lawn at City Hall (8:15 pm start time);
• Decorative lighting and streetlights will be turned off downtown; (RCMP patrols will be increased)
• City facilities will be closed and darkened;
• Monitoring of estimated energy savings will take place.
5) Northwest Water Reservoir – Crown Land Tenure Offer and License of Occupation
In October, 2009 the City made application to the Integrated Land Management Bureau for a Licence of Occupation over crown land where the City proposes to construct the NW Water Reservoir.
On March 9, 2010 the City received the Tenure Offer and an agreement for the Licence of Occupation for the proposed lands for execution.
Council authorized the Mayor and Clerk to sign the Tenure Offer and Licence of Occupation Agreement.
6) Pesticide Bylaw Education Budget
Education for citizens and vendors regarding safe alternatives to the use of pesticides is a key element in promoting compliance with the Pesticide Use Control Bylaw.
Council approved the following budget allocations to be included in the draft Financial Plan for a Pesticide Bylaw Education budget:
2010 – $5000 2011 – $5000
2012 – $4000 2013 – $2000

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