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It’s a well-known and pretty universal fact that summer in Canada is both succulently sweet and severely short. Before you know it, you’re fast out the other side of your flip-flops, landing swiftly in a new season, which in the case of craft beer brings about a mind-boggling collection of seasonal splendid craft brews to accompany your wellies. October is officially ‘Craft Beer Month’, which is pretty big news for craft breweries, craft connoisseurs and the craft beer-intrigued. With events, festivals, tastings, seasonal releases, limited releases, collaboration brews and new brews up for grabs, it’s a good job November exists for the purpose of pre-festive recovery.

Fernie Brewing Co. (FBC) doesn’t expect a rest anytime soon. Off the back of a fantastic summer, winter is by far Fernie’s busy season. With the population near-on doubling, Fernie Brewing Co. is getting ready for another (hopefully) epic season of light fluffy powder. And dark scrumptious beer of course.

Fernie Beer

Ahead of the change in season, FBC has been working over past months on a re-brand of their entire packaging line. Using block colours and illustrations, FBC’s 650mls and cans have been reworked to become beautifully creative, utilizing thirst-quenching and bold colours, contrasting with delicate, pencil drawn illustrations. Their packaging is as bold as it is truly representative of FBC’s style – a home grown, family owned and operated business, with an ever growing, award-winning product line up. Fernie Brewing Co.’s newly designed 650mls have been hitting shelves since the summer, with 6-packs rolling out to join the troops just last week.

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