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World Record Holders for the Longest Shotski

No – we’re not kidding. As part of a wedding in Fernie and with over 700 feet of skis fastened together in March 2013, 522 people participated in the World Record Breaking Longest Shot Ski ever. The words “Only In Fernie” were heard more than a few times..

Check out the Video on Youtube.

Largest Ski Poles


You didn’t think we were serious – but we are. This fact is for real!

The Griz Legend


The Griz is credited with bringing up to 37 feet of Powder to Fernie each season! How you ask? Find out the full legend on our website.

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The Legend of the Ghostrider


Although the curse was supposedly lifted over 35 years ago, on summer evenings, the ghost of an angry Indian chief and his jilted daughter still rides above Fernie and their legend lives on in the shadows of the mountain.

Check out the Full Legend.

Yep, just further proof Fernie, B.C is one of the most interesting (and one of the best) places there is.

A tribute to the widely known legends and fun facts of Fernie, British Columbia
By: Cali Sammel

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