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1)            Bylaws:

            Pesticide Use Control Bylaw No. 2093, 2010 and the Municipal Ticket Information Bylaw, Amendment Bylaw No. 2.

            Council approved first three reading of Pesticide Use Control Bylaw No. 2093 and the corresponding Municipal Ticket Information Bylaw, Amendment Bylaw No. 2.

            These bylaws represent the culmination of efforts by the Integrated Pest Management Task Force which, following research and receipt of information from both advocates and opponents of pesticide use, made recommendations to Council.

            Pesticide Use Control Bylaw No. 2093 applies within the boundaries of the City of Fernie and prohibits the use of pesticides on residential and City owned lands except for permitted pesticides as listed in Schedule A to the Bylaw or as permitted by approval of an exemption to deal with pest infestations that are urgent and for which there are no effective non-pesticide alternatives available. 

            The Municipal Ticket Information Bylaw, Amendment Bylaw No. 2 dictates that a person who violates the Bylaw

2093 commits an offence which is liable to prosecution in accordance with the Offence Act. A $250.00 fine is the suggested penalty for violating Bylaw No 2093.

Council will consider adoption of Bylaws No. 2093 and 2094 on March 8, 2010 at its Regular Meeting.  

2)            Fernie Curling Club

            Council approved the lease agreement between the City of Fernie and the Fernie Curling Club for operation of the Curling Rink from February 22 – March 15, 2010 and from October 15, 2010 and March 15, 2011.

3)            Pilot Sites for Off Leash Dog Parks

            Council, in response to recommendations from the Leisure Services Advisory Board, authorized the use of three “off leash areas” located at the Annex Park near 12th Avenue and 13th Street, the field located to south east area of the Aquatic Centre and a newly designated portion of James White Park as ‘pilot off leash areas.’

            The pilot areas will operate from May 1, 2010 to January 30, 2011 at which time the effectiveness of piloted sites will be evaluated and recommendations for permanent establishment brought forward for Council’s consideration.

            The establishment of pilot sites for off-leash areas responds to requests from dog owners for designated off leash space and from residents concerned that dogs off-leash in parks and on trails pose a safety risks to children, the elderly and those generally uncomfortable with dogs. It is hoped that clearly designated off-leash areas will provide dog owners with the space requested and consequently prevent dogs off leash in other areas.

            Public education and signage will be implemented in advance of May 1, 2010 encouraging all residents to become familiar with the new locations and rules.

            Opportunities for the public to share their views regarding the pilot sites will be ongoing throughout the pilot timeline.          

Further, Council authorized the permanent conversion of the small ball diamond located in James White Park from a dog park back to its original use as a ball diamond effective May 1, 2010.                       

4)            Fernie Aquatic Centre Energy Retrofit Project – Letter of intent

            Council approved the letter of intent proposed by Coral Engineering and authorized staff to begin negotiating a draft contract between Coral Engineering and the City of Fernie for the purpose of the Fernie Aquatic Centre Energy Retrofit Project, to be brought back to Council for consideration.       

            The project is 100% funded through grants provided by the Federal Government through the Recreation Infrastructure Canada grant program and the Federal Gas Tax Transfer program. Once complete, it is expected the City could see upwards of a $76,000 savings on its yearly gas bill as well a 293 Tonne 74% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.


5)            Civic Committees Appointments

            Council authorized the following appointments to serve on the committees noted below:

Leisure Advisory Board – Colleen Dunn, Leah Bradish, Karen Pepper, Chris Moulton, Rod Geddis and Jocelyn Sombrowski;

Liquid Waste Management Plan Committee – Scott Dressler, Leanne Walker, Megan Walsh and Casey Brennan;

Canada Day Board Committee – Oz Parson, and Pierre Pelletier; and,

Green House Gas Emission Reduction Committee – Karen Gorecki and Megan Walsh.



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