Rainforest to Rockies

The Rainforest to Rockies route is more than a mere drive; it embodies the quintessential Canadian journey through ever-changing landscapes. Starting from the bustling Pacific Coast city of Vancouver, the route traverses the iconic Highway 1 to Hope, then meanders along the picturesque Crowsnest Highway 3 to Osoyoos, before finally culminating in the serene town of Fernie, nestled in the majestic Canadian Rockies.

Promoted by Destination BC as one of the world’s most iconic journeys, the Rainforest to Rockies route offers an unparalleled experience, taking travelers from sea level to the sky-high peaks of the BC Rockies. This journey encapsulates the essence of British Columbia, showcasing its diverse and breathtaking natural beauty.

Destination BC’s promotion of this route is part of a broader strategy to position British Columbia as a destination of extraordinary places and routes, each with compelling stories that shape how the world perceives our province. This strategy aims to highlight the unique experiences BC offers, from its lush rainforests to its towering mountain ranges, and everything in between.

Rainforest to Rockies

Tourism plays a vital role in enhancing the quality of life for all British Columbians. Visitors engage in a wide range of activities that enrich local communities and environments. Without tourism, many cultural and recreational amenities such as museums, galleries, festivals, sports events, and transportation infrastructure might struggle to sustain themselves. These attractions not only entertain tourists but also enhance the everyday lives of residents.

British Columbia’s vastness is impressive—larger than the United Kingdom and Ireland combined, bigger than Japan, broader than New Zealand, and more than double the size of California. This immense size underscores the importance of effective branding, marketing, and development of unique routes like the Rainforest to Rockies. By doing so, we make it easier for visitors to navigate our province, plan their adventures, and invest in local economies.

Rainforest to Rockies

Packaging and marketing British Columbia in this way not only boosts tourism but also ensures that it positively contributes to the lives of residents. As tourists explore the Rainforest to Rockies route, they will experience the diverse landscapes and vibrant communities that define British Columbia, leaving with memories that inspire return visits and ongoing engagement with our beautiful province.

In conclusion, the Rainforest to Rockies route is more than a journey; it is an invitation to experience the heart of British Columbia. As travelers roll into Fernie after traversing this iconic route, they are not just reaching a destination—they are becoming part of a story that celebrates the natural splendor and cultural richness of our province. Through strategic promotion and development, we can ensure that this story continues to unfold, benefiting both visitors and residents alike.

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