Reduce Bear Attractants

In a continued effort to enhance community safety and reduce bear attractants, the Elk Valley Coexistence Initiative is excited to announce the latest phase of a cost-share program designed to help residents make their properties safer and less appealing to bears. The program is supported by a collaboration between the Province of British Columbia, Biodiversity Pathways, Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative, and Teck Coal.

Residents of the Elk Valley, including the communities of Jaffray, Fernie, Sparwood, Elkford, and Hosmer, and local ranches and farms, are eligible for financial assistance to remove or replace their fruit trees. Additionally, they can apply for funding to install electric fencing around livestock, gardens, or remaining fruit trees. This initiative aims to promote coexistence between people and wildlife by mitigating common sources of human-bear conflicts.

“Our goal is to chip away at creating a landscape that works for people and wildlife in the Elk Valley” said Clayton Lamb, Wildlife Biologist. “Conflicts between people and bears are a common occurrence here, but there are proven solutions to this issue, and we want to make it easier for residents to take the measures that discourage bears from entering residential or farm areas.”

Reduce Bear Attractants

Program Details:
• Fruit Tree Removal/Replacement: Residents can receive up to $400 to remove or replace a fruit tree. The Elk Valley Coexistence Initiative will provide free information on suitable tree replacement species, including alternatives that have beautiful spring flowers but do not produce fall fruit, such as the Princess Kay Plum.
• Electric Fence Installation: Residents can receive a 50% cost share on materials up to $1000 for electric fence installation. Free expert advice on design and installation is also available. Our expert team has installed over 500 electric fences across the Kootenays, successfully deterring bears from even the most attractive sources—reducing conflicts with bears, preventing property damage, and helping landowners sleep better at night.

Funds are limited and provided on a first-come-first-served basis to any residents of the Elk Valley. Residents can learn more and apply by contacting

Photo: Wildsafe BC

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