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Making a Meaningful Difference

In our town there are individuals who consistently go above and beyond, making a meaningful difference in the lives of others. These remarkable individuals often do so quietly, without seeking recognition or thanks.

Reflecting on the impact of such community members, Mike Delich, one of Fernie’s esteemed citizens, emphasized the importance of acknowledging and appreciating their contributions. He spoke specifically of Patty Reedyk, the gracious owner of Polar Peek Bookstore for the past 16 years, describing her as a thoughtful, kind, and friendly person.

Patty, born in Calgary, Alberta, to Bill and Sheila Howlett, grew up surrounded by books, fostering a lifelong passion for reading. After pursuing her education in Library Arts at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), she initially came to Fernie as a “ski bum” in 1990. Over time, she decided to settle permanently in Fernie, where she later met and married Richard Redyk. Together, they raised their son Ryan before Patty embarked on a rewarding career at Polar Peek Books.

Initially hired by Laura Nelson, the original owner, Patty became an integral part of the bookstore, eventually taking over its ownership. Despite facing challenges during the initial years, Patty’s dedication and love for the work enabled her to overcome obstacles and thrive. She contributed significantly to the community by supporting local initiatives, such as the Fernie Heritage Library’s Booked series and the Adopt A Magazine project.

Making a Meaningful Difference

Patty’s bookstore, known for its eclectic collection of books and unique items, became a cherished community hub, offering personalized service and fostering a love for reading. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Patty demonstrated exceptional resilience and care by adapting her business to offer delivery and online services, ensuring continued access to books and resources for the community.

After 25 years of dedicated service, Patty has decided to retire and pass on the torch to Melanie Jeannotte and Maureen Tuggle. While bidding farewell to her beloved store, Patty looks forward to prioritizing her health, reconnecting with loved ones, and enjoying well-deserved relaxation.

In recognition of Patty’s unwavering commitment and outstanding service, we extend our heartfelt thanks and best wishes for a fulfilling retirement. Your impact on the community will be remembered and cherished for years to come. Congratulations, Patty, on a remarkable journey, and may this next chapter be filled with joy and contentment.

By Mary Giuliano

Mary arrived in Fernie in May of 1953 and has lived here ever since, by choice, because she loves the Elk Valley and everything it stands for. Read more from Mary here.

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