Fernie’s Mountain Lakes Trail was officially renamed Heiko’s Trail this August to celebrate the life of one of Fernie’s renowned residents, Heiko Socher. Heiko completed the trail in 2004 after three years of challenging trail work and many early mornings.

Heiko was a major influence on my relocating to Fernie following 15 years of living in Canada major centers. Heiko founded Fernie Snow Valley in 1964 and make skiing in Fernie what it is today. Memories of his dedication and character refreshed in my mind when hiking his trail and recognizing his selfless act in generating pleasure for others.

The highlights of his 21 km connector between Island lake and Hartley Lake Pass trail include waterfalls, caves, cliff walls, big mountain passes, canyons, mountain meadows, and wildlife if your lucky. Heiko’s Trail is a must for all Fernie visitors. The season is short and the trail is technical; be sure to visit a local sports retailer to get a map and some beta on how to best tackle the challenge based on your level of fitness and experience.

This hike was intended to rediscover the highlights of the trail with family and friends, here are the photos:

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