Fernie Skate Park

Following a year of redevelopment, the new Fernie Skate Park now stands as a beacon of accessibility and progressive design. It is crafted for all ages, skills, and abilities, making it an inclusive recreation amenity and community hub in the heart of downtown Fernie.

Designed for a variety of “all-wheel” sports, including skateboarding, inline skating, BMX biking, and scootering, the park’s accessible and progressive features ensure enjoyment for everyone. This inclusivity aligns perfectly with the community’s spirit, providing a welcoming space for diverse users.

The rise of skatepark culture has captivated Canadians, particularly following its multisport debut at the Tokyo Olympics. Beyond its surface appeal, skatepark culture fosters diversity and inclusivity. The Fernie Skate Park exemplifies these values, serving as a dynamic community space.

The $1.28 million skate park features a roof structure over a portion of the park, through a $250,000 donation from Teck. The covered area will further enhance accessibility for families and visitors by providing additional protection from weather, extending the park’s seasonality.

The new “all-wheel” skate park is a milestone achievement, aligning with the City of Fernie’s goal to promote healthy living and community participation through accessible and inclusive amenities. This redevelopment underscores the city’s commitment to creating vibrant, engaging spaces for all residents and visitors.

Fernie Skate Park

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