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Just after the Canada Day long weekend, Fernie and surrounding area will be expecting open fire restrictions. The restriction will commence July 2nd as of 1pm and will continue until the public is notified otherwise. Activities that will be prohibited are as follows:

• The burning of any waste, slash or other materials
• Stubble or grass fires of any size over any area
• The use of fireworks, sky lanterns or burning barrels of any size or description

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This does not affect campfires as long as they adhere to the legal safety standards. Open cooking stoves are also permitted.

With camping being a popular activity over the long weekend, it is important to keep in mind campfire regulations to prevent wildfires, protect public safety and preserve our natural attractions.

Campfires are accepted at a size no higher/wider than 0.5 meters. Reasonable precautions must be taken in order to ensure the fire is contained. Tools to extinguish the fire such as a shovel or at least 8 litres of water must be kept close by. A fireguard must be used (at least one meter in diameter) and flammable debris from the area removed. Always ensure the fire is extinguished before leaving the area or going to bed, and coals should be left cold to the touch. Consider wind conditions before lighting a fire, if sparks are likely to travel a far distance, it is not advisable to burn.

Likewise, outdoor cooking devices and portable fires should be used with precaution. During campfire prohibitions, only CSA or ULC approved portable campfire devices may be used and flame length must not exceed 15 centimeters. Always ensure to turn off devices when they are unattended, and if kept on the ground, place on soil, gravel, sand or a non-combustible surface, and remove flammable material from around the area.

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Penalties for fostering unsafe fires result in a $345 fine, with an additional $345 if a fire is lit during a ban. A ticket of this measure can also be issued for failure to have a tool or 8 liters of water close by to extinguish the fire. A $173 fine will result from failure to extinguish a burning substance. An average of 134 fires per year start from misuse of campfires.

Click Here for a map of the zone affected.
To report a wildfire or unattended fire call 1-800-663-5555 toll free or *5555 on a cell phone. For more information on campfire regulations, current bans and other advisories visit BC Wildfire (Source)

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