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Teck’s commitment to the environment has netted the company an award from an industry environmental committee. The British Columbia Technical and Research Committee on Reclamation gave Teck the Coal Mining Reclamation Citation for environmental work at Teck’s Elkview Operations near Sparwood, B.C., during the Mine Reclamation Awards in Courtenay, B.C., in September 2010.


The company’s work to stabilize slopes along Michel Creek to address streambank erosion and public safety was commended by the committee.

Lanny Amos, the environmental officer at Elkview, said the company felt the project was a worthy nomination and submitted it to the committee.

“It provides the public with an example of the projects we undertake at our operations that they otherwise may not be aware of,” said Amos. “This particular project and award recognizes our commitment to safe and environmentally sustainable ecosystems in the areas in which we operate.”

Reclamation work is done annually; the company determines which areas to reslope, grass seed, fertilize and tree plant. Target areas are identified, monitored and researched before, during and after any reclamation work.

Proper preparation, planning and execution is essential in order for a reclamation project to be successful. Factors like seasonal timing and correct seeding blends based on slope, aspect and elevation must be taken into consideration. Good tree and shrub planting stock and favourable weather conditions in the first growing season are also important.

The company reaches out to collaborate with other community groups and organizations to complete reclamation work. Teck has engaged with local First Nations in the past for help with seeding and fertilizing activities as well as other bioengineering projects. Another resource that the company has contracted is Tipi Mountain Native Plants, a plant nursery that caters to projects that restore or reclaim disturbed land to its natural state.

Teck is dedicated to responsible resource development and strives to uphold the highest environmental protection standards in every aspect of company operations.

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