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West Fernie Engineering Services Contract Increased
The engineering services contract with the Kerr Wood Leidal/MPE Engineering team for the West Fernie Servicing & Restructure Project will be increased to a total not to exceed $1,970,486 for Phases 1 and 2.

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New Elko Fire Department Taking Shape
In preparation for the start up of the new Elko Fire Department, the Board has amended its Mutual Aid Bylaw and adopted an updated Fire Department Regulation Bylaw. The Mutual Aid Bylaw allows all RDEK fire departments to provide support to each other as required and was amended to include Elko. The updated Regulation Bylaw combines two existing Fire Department Regulation Bylaws into one and adds in the new Elko Fire Department. In addition, the BC Hydro payments in lieu of taxes relating to the Elko dam have been allocated to the Elko Fire Protection Service. For 2015, this works out to $20,949 for the new Service, which is expected to be on line within a few weeks.

Ministries Encouraged to Provide Enhanced Levels of Support to Control Invasive Plants

A letter will be sent to the Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure and the Ministry of Forests, Lands & Natural Resource Operations encouraging them to provide enhanced levels of support to control invasive plants on Crown Land. In addition, RDEK staff will consult with the Board and begin enhanced enforcement activities on private properties identified to have invasive plant concerns.

Map Reserve Sought over Tie and Rosen Foreshore

The Board will be requesting the Ministry of Forests, Lands & Natural Resource Operations establish a Section 16 map reserve over the foreshore and bed of Tie and Rosen Lakes to allow the RDEK to complete an Official Community Plan for the area and develop policies to manage group moorage facilities and docks fronting public land. A Section 16 map reserve will allow the Province to refuse to accept certain types of foreshore tenure applications. The Board’s request is the result of a recently launched planning process for the lake communities that is expected to address issues related to shoreline development.

Service Establishment Process Given Green Light
The RDEK Board has directed staff to proceed with the process to establish a new liquid waste service in Electoral Area A. Currently, revenues and expenses associated with the Septage Receiving Pond near Hosmer are included in the Solid Waste service. The establishment of a new service would separate it from the Solid Waste budget and maintain the current practice of keeping the costs associated with, and revenues generated by, this liquid waste facility in Electoral Area A. There would be no impact to tax payers as a result of establishing this new service. To proceed with establishing a new service, elector assent is required. An Alternative Approval Process is expected to be held in the New Year.

Two New Members Appointed to Area A APC
Steve Hill and Karen Alexander have been appointed to the Advisory Planning Commission and Electoral Area Advisory Commission for Electoral Area A.

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