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Summer came early to Fernie and is now in full swing, don’t miss it. The countless outdoor patios and extensive restaurant offerings continue to impress visitors, and the recreation and events are endless.

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At Island Lake Lodge the snow receded earlier than usual and the wildflowers are in full bloom in the Alpine. A new hiking trail is being worked on, adding to their impressive network of trails. The new alpine loop will start at the end of the current Spineback Trail, head up into the bowl, over a small pass, around Baby Bear and loop back to the top of the Spineback Trail. This new trail will be a great compliment to the already existing 100 km trail network. Island Lake’s Lazy Lizard Trail continues to please cyclists of all ages and work continues to keep this trail as buff and fun as possible. The new extended hours in the Bear Lodge (1am- 8pm) are being taken advantage of by hikers and mountain bikers alike for a casual meal.

Fernie Alpine Resort is only open for their hiking and downhill biking season for three more weeks, so make sure you visit before the end of summer. The new Cirque Restaurant at Lizard Creek Lodge has been hosting a series of pool parties than are hopping with good fun.


Events in Fernie have also become endless and here are a few to catch this weekend.

Coming up this Friday and Saturday the Wapiti Music Festival focuses on finding the best in Canadian Indie, an unpolished or uncommercial style of small independent pop groups. Often these are upcoming bands or veterans with new music to share. Regardless, you’ll find new friends and music to love at Wapiti.

Sunday in Fernie, enjoy the Show ‘n Shine at the Sunday Downtown Social. The Sunday Socials take in a walk through downtown, perusing shops, cafés and restaurants, including entertainment and fun for the whole family.

Check here for an inclusive list of Fernie events.

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