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Veterans and First Responders were honored with a Veterans Dinner at the Fernie Legion.

More than 60 attendees turned out for the Fernie Legion’s Veterans Dinner on May 29 – the first occasion of its kind in three years.

Usually held annually to honour Fernie’s veterans, families of veterans and first responders, the invite-only event had been on hold for the last few years.

President of the Fernie Legion, Jennifer Cronin, said that hiatus made 2023 a special, but somber occasion for all.

“In the three years of not being able to host the veterans dinner, we’ve lost a few members in the meantime,” she said.

“It was really nice to see some younger veterans with us.”

Attendees of the 2023 Veterans Dinner at the Fernie Legion listened to stories from local members, who recounted the experiences of their loved ones in serving Canada abroad.

Attendees sat down to a roast dinner and toasted the branches of the Canadian Armed Forces and First Responders. “Veterans and First Responders were given the accolades they so deserve,” said Cronin.

In speeches during the dinner, Cronin said the veterans honoured all with their attendance, and pointed out a single seat at a table set aside, reserved for those fallen veterans who could not be with them on this day. “This symbolizes that they are with us in spirit.”

Legion Pins were handed out to 15 long-serving members, including Jock Anderson, who has been a member of the Royal Canadian Legion for 50 years.

Attendees were regaled with stories from three Legion members; Oscar Neilsen who recounted the experiences of his father in law, Kevin Mitchell of his grandfather, and Norm Fraser of his father in their service in Europe during the First and Second World Wars.

Photos: Scott Tibballs

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