Fernie bears have emerged from their dens. Two bear cubs were spotted on Erics Trail and a Montana bear sighting have been reported.

The warmer temperatures has prompted hungry bears to emerge from their dens. It is much easier to keep food away from a wild bear than it is to teach a bear to stay away from unnatural food that it has learned to enjoy. Spring is the perfect opportunity for us to prevent bears from developing feeding habits that can lead to their destruction.

Every year several Fernie bears are destroyed because of human behaviour. The bears deserve better treatment, let’s be smart and eliminate our errors. You can prevent the destruction of bears by ensuring that your property is free of attractants (unsecured garbage, dirty BBQ’s and bird feeders). If bears begin the season feeding on human food, they will end up being destroyed.

Wildsafe BC thanks you for taking time to remove anything that may attract bears to your property. Please encourage your neighbours to do the same.

Also when on trails make enough noise to alert the bears of your presence and carry bear spray incase you accidently threaten or scare one. Remember that bears have no interest in people and only react when threatened or scared.

For more information go to www.wildsafebc.com

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