On Wednesday May 30th the Elk River Alliance hosted an Elk River watershed dialogue day at Fernie’s Best Western Mountain Lodge’s conference room. The day was an opportunity for collaboration and effective action on the future of the Elk River watershed.

The conference focused on generating ideas on how can we work together to be proactive in shaping the future of a healthy Elk River watershed. The tactic was to use respectful communication and stimulate collective intelligence to explore the potential of a collaborative Elk River watershed management approach that is acceptable to all.
The facilitators were Lee-Anne Walker, Ayla Bennett and Allie Dickhout from the Elk River Alliance and artists Karen Tamminga-Paton and Lesley Graham were there to help visualize the discussions creatively.

At the end of the day everybody was very please with the accomplishments and gave a thumbs-up. Here are a few image from the event and stay tuned for more Elk River Alliance events.

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