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Avalanche incident at Polar Peak

An Avalanche incident at Polar Peak, Fernie Alpine Resort (FAR), was reported today on Avalanche Canada’s Mountain Information Network (MIN). You can view the MIN report here.

The MIN estimates that the avalanche, rated at 2, occurred shortly after the Polar Peak lift opened. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, although one individual lost their skis. According to a witness on the third chair, the riders on the first chair triggered the slab. Additionally, it was noted that ski patrol had conducted extensive slope tests prior to the incident. FAR conducted a complete resort shut down in response to the incident.

Avalanche incident at Polar Peak

FAR characterizes Polar Peak as a destination not suited for the faint-hearted—a high-octane adventure for adrenaline enthusiasts. It’s described as untamed, unpredictable, and unapologetic in its approach.

The MIN stands as one of Avalanche Canada’s most valuable tools for generating accurate forecasts and planning backcountry excursions. Its efficacy increases with user participation—the more individuals contribute, the more informative it becomes.

Avalanche Canada’s forecast for the day was Moderate, advising “Watch for signs of instability, like shooting cracks, as you move into steeper terrain. Choose smaller test slopes before committing to large features.” This incident underscores the importance of reading the reports, adjusting to the conditions, and skiing inbounds with an avalanche transceiver, as unforeseen events can occur.

FAR ski patrol comprises dedicated professionals committed to ensuring the safety of resort guests. We are relieved that no injuries were sustained, and eagerly anticipate skiing Polar Peak soon.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN

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