By Keith Liggett

This truckers protest got me thinking. We need to come up with a way to accommodate both the vax’ers and the anti-vax’ers. To this point in the pandemic, all the accountability has been placed on the medical community. The truckers want all vax conditions and restrictions lifted. Let’s do it. But, let’s make them accountable for the results.

The hospitals are jam packed. The ICU’s are overflowing. The medical staff, nurses and doctors, are completely maxed out. Let’s give them a break. For the next month, the provincial governments should replace all the current medical staff with protesting truckers. The truckers have looked at all the data. They know what they are doing. Clearly. Ask them. Drop all the regulations. It’s just the flu. Or even a hoax. Maybe there is no Covid (?). Provide all the ivermectin, the hydro-what’s-it-called they want. Give the hard working medical staff a break. They can take the next month off. Let’s make the truckers accountable for dropping all the restrictions and conditions the provinces have put in for Covid. The truckers can staff the hospitals. If it’s a hoax or just a flu, as they say, the truckers will be on easy street. Staffing the hospitals will be a breeze. If not, they have to take care of the mess.

They will be accountable. Their rules. Their results.

A month ago, I had what we can call a “medical incident.” I almost died. I spent three days in Cranbrook ICU and another five days in Fernie’s Interior Health Hotel before they let me go home. To tell the truth, I was glad during my ambulance facilitated tour of the local hospitals, the ambulances, the ICU and the Fernie Hospital were staffed by qualified medical professionals. Very glad. I might not be here if they had been staffed by protesting truckers. A medical license is a little more complicated than the one needed to drive a 16-wheeler.

Which, on second thought, brings me to an interesting juncture. Maybe it’s not fair to have everyone treated by the truckers. The medical staff deserve a break (and desperately need one). Maybe we should develop two streams of care. One stream for those of us who have bought into the Cool Aid of Interior Health, and one stream for those who know better, the truckers and their kin.

Those who’ve done their own research and found out that it’s just the flu, a hoax, or that our natural immunities are fully sufficient to overcome Covid, thus forgoing the vaccinations, can go to the Trucker Hospital.

Either way, complete trucker care, or truckers caring for their own, the over-burdened medical staff will have a well deserved break. Lord knows, they need it.

And hey, You-Know-Who, I owe you a couple of beers.

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