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Many Fernie local openly state that Autumn offers the best mountain biking. Golden trails, cooler temperatures, brilliant scenery, and receding underbrush are a few of the factors that creates these great riding conditions!

Fernie Stupid Traverse

And the new factor is the Fernie Trails Alliance creation of new trails! The infamous “Stupid Traverse” has just been cleared by Backcountry Experts and is open for the adventurous rider. The traverse is appropriately named and can be ridden in either direction. On the Western end it connects with Stumppy-Stupid, and equally stupid steep trail that is push of a climb and a walk descent for most riders. On the Eastern end the traverse connects to Moccassin and passes by the Slunt trail (S-Bomb on map).

With the weather looking good for a couple of weeks we’ll continue to enjoy the great mountain bike conditions. And soon the bikes get hug up and affix touring skis to our feet, last year we skied at the end of October. Here are few pics from the Stupid Traverse.

Elk VAlley Mounta Fernie Stupid Traverse Stupid traverse Aspen art

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