Researching accommodation for family in Fernie Jan 2024 to March 2024

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      Hi Fernie Community,

      Our family from Cairns Australia are dreaming of spending 3 months in Fernie to do lots of skiing in 2024! Jeni and I need a big rest from work. Our kids (7 and 5) have only skied once before and we’re planning on taking them on a big adventure.

      We read that Fernie Alpine Resort is quite small and the town is only a 10 minute drive away. Do you think Fernie Alpine Resort would work for our family? Our kids would love to meet similar aged friends to hang out with, possibly even go to school for a bit if they get fed up skiing with Mum & Dad every day…. We don’t plan to have a car but would need to get supplies and eat out once or twice a week.

      If anyone has accommodation available (minimum 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, walking distance to lifts, shops or easy access via public transport) from early Jan 2024 to end of March 2024 please get in touch via

      Any Fernie tips would be much appreciated.

      We hope the current ski season is going great.

      Darren & Jeni Morrissy

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      Town would be best for the kids and there is a public bus shuttle from downtown. The ski hill would be the most convenient for the lifts however lacking daily requirements.

      A house swap could be an option and would come with a vehicle.

      Good luck!

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