Looking for a rental home? Then let Renting In Fernie help you!

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    We are a downtown-core property management company for the city of Fernie, and have been working hard renting out short term and long term rental properties for over 15+ years! Whether you are planning on staying in our beautiful city for a few months of the Winter Season or Long Term for years to come, Renting In Fernie is the number one reliable rental solution to help you locate your new home!

    You can visit our website directly at http://www.rentinginfernie.com to see all of our 200+ properties, call us directly at 1-250-423-2052, or email us at heidi@fernieco.ca! Please see the attached document with a list of rental properties we currently have left available– but don’t wait too long before they’re all taken!

    We look forward to helping your find a rental home!

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    James Kemp

    ISO long-term 1 room rental, or 1 room house.
    Young male with full time job.

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