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    Michael Bull


    I’m a schoolteacher that has lived in town for quite some time and I am looking for a 1 bedroom, unfurnished, pet friendly (cat) apartment for the beginning of May. I’m quiet, respectful and here for the long term, and I’m just looking to not have to move every six year as seems to be the trend.

    Thanks so much.

    Michael Bull

    John Mindek

    Hi Michael
    I will have a small house with a large yard and double garage for rent on 2nd Ave. near both schools starting May 1st. Rent will be $1300 a month plus utilities.

    Michael Bull

    Hi John. Thanks very much for getting back to me. Unfortunately, that is out of my price range as I am just a lowly bachelor with a cat. I appreciate your response, however, and wish you the best of luck in finding someone.

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