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Backcountry Skis $500

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      2017 Carbon Prior Flutes 164cm Tip 132cm Waist underfoot 105 Tail 120cm

      Camber underfoot with a bit of tip and tail rocker

      Designed for intermediate/expert females skiers who want a lightweight and durable ski for the backcountry.

      Purchased in summer 2017, used for two seasons, all except two days spent on the skis have been in the backcountry. One of the last models to be designed and manufactured by Chris Prior of Whistler BC before his passing, and rumoured change of quality in the company. Selling these skis, as I am upgrading my set up.

      $500- includes Black Diamond skins cut for the ski

      $800 -inclues skins bindings and Dynafit ST Radical 10

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