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The Wapiti Music Festival is celebrating its 10th year this years lineup has been released — advance tickets are available and selling quickly.

This years event dates are August 7 & 8 , get your advance event pass here before they sell out.

the Sheepdogs
The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer
Shred Kelly
The Free Label
Leather Apron Revival

Who is Wapiti Music Festival?
Wapiti is a non-profit organization. They began this journey in the fall of 2010.

There is a board of directors and a society of members that work year round. Year-round meetings are gathered around craft beer, delicious cheeses, and sometimes several orders of scrumptious hot wings.

Wapiti Music Festival Society Board of Directors:
Kevin McIsaac
Pierre Dupont
Paul Michael
Casey Brennan
Chantel Vincent

You can find this brood on Wednesdays at a local Fernie pub discussing and planning all while beaming with pride. Because Wapiti grows and grows from the hearts of passionate volunteers who just really give a damn about bringing good music to good people. It’s really that simple.

“Everyone who works on Wapiti is just so cool and hip, hahaha, actually no, we are mostly a bunch of nerds, but it’s all so ironic that it makes us truly authentic. These nerds know how to throw a party! – A very well run and organized party haha!” – Chantel Vincent, Artistic Director.

Maybe you would like to join them? Reach out!

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