Respect the Brain Bucket

Fernie’s new Respect the Brain Bucket Helmet Challenge aims to rewards Fernie residents who Respect the Brain Bucket and help decrease head injuries.

To achieve this Elk Valley physicians and healthcare providers are teaming up with community groups and businesses to reward and encourage safe helmet use in Fernie.

The Fernie Helmet Challenge focuses on positive reinforcement to helmet safety with the ‘Respect The Brain Bucket’ campaign. The campaign focuses on proper helmet use, specifically targeting skateboard, scooter and in-line skate users, as well as bicycle riders throughout the community.

“Local health care providers at Elk Valley Hospital are becoming increasingly concerned with the number of preventable head injuries presenting to the emergency department,” said Leala Tomlinson, Interim Director, Clinical Operations – Elk Valley Hospital.

Anyone seen properly wearing their helmets by our campaign volunteers throughout the community will be presented with entry tickets for prize draws, to be held at the end of June, July and August, with a grand prize draw happening on Family Safety Day September 21. Some of the places where tickets will be handed out include the Fernie Skatepark, dirt jumps and popular trails around the community.

“Helmet use amongst the adult population in Fernie is particularly low, and our physicians and nurses are seeing more children not wearing helmets because their parents aren’t either.

Proper helmet safety is critical at all ages and we want to encourage that with this campaign.” said Dana Stimson, FEI Project Manager – Elk Valley Hospital Medical Staff Association
The Respect the Brain Bucket campaign is seeing support from local bike and skate shops, along with other stores and businesses throughout Fernie. Anyone who receives an entry ticket for prizes can redeem them at GearHub, Straight Line Bicycles, and The Guide’s Hut.

More details about the Fernie Helmet Challenge can be found at @respectthebrainbucket on Instagram)

Wear your helmet!

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