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The vast mountain wilderness experience for which Fernie is famous for revolves around the Elk River and its tributaries. Across our great landscape, the ever-shifting ribbon of water carved out the Elk Valley and many more.

These mighty rivers, including the Elk, Wigwam and Bull Rives, define our region and shape a character that is uniquely Fernie. It is lifeblood, carrying and delivering nutrients, nourishment, and life throughout the heart of the habitat while also providing some of the best rafting and river adventures in Western Canada.

Rivers, like people, have character and personality; traits that are particular, or peculiar. One river may be gentle and mild, another tough and temperamental. No two rivers, or sections of the river, are alike. Each is individual and exceptional and worthy of exploration.

Here in the Elk Valley, and based out of Fernie, there are two outfitters offering white water adventures on these great rivers. They are both geared up for mellow river floats and endless waves, rapids and at times, unforgiving holes. For some clients, the bigger the wave, the better.

To really experience Fernie you must spend time on the rivers. See more about these river outfitter here.

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