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Classic Rock Magazine listed Fernie band Mount Rushka’s new single ‘Weathervane’ in their top eight rock Tracks Of The Week! ‘Weathervane’ is Mount Rushka’s original new song from their five song E.P that was just released and is available on all streaming platforms. The E.P Is called “What’s This Time For?” And features “Weathervane” which will ALSO be on their upcoming full length album.

Adam Lauren, Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, posted, “What an honour to be listed as one of the best new rock songs you need to hear right now. …feeling frisky? Chuck us a vote.”

Stream Mount Rushka’s “WEATHERVANE” and the five song album here.

Will Ripley, lead guitarist, posted, “K this is insane and I’m a bit shocked… Classic Rock Magazine got wind of Mount Rushka’s “WEATHERVANE” and it’s in the top 8 tracks of the week! They’ve done a write up on the song and you can vote for us! Check it out! We’re right in there with Mike Campbell of Tom Petty fame!”


Mount Rushka

Mount Rushka wrote that Weathervane was inspired by Alabama Shakes, Nuno Bettencourt, The Beatles and Alice In Chains, and for once this sounds like a reasonably realistic description rather than unrealistic hyperbole. You can hear Nuno in that stuttering opening riff and the Shakes on the song structure, and you’ll find The Fabs and Alice in some of the melodic shifts elsewhere. It’s all very slickly put together, and there’s more of the same sort of thing on the band’s new EP What’s This Time For?, which is available via your local streaming platform now. Are Mount Rushka the third greatest Canadian band with “Rush” in their name? It’s possible Alex Lifeson knows, for he was born in Fernie, where Mount Rushka call home.

Nestled in the rugged beauty of Fernie B.C (a town once home to the guitarist of Rush), Mount Rushka is a Rock solid group with 3 members living on Mount Trinity ave, with a neighbour, Mrs. Rushka, residing directly across the street from where the band jams and records.

With both a 5-song EP and an 11 song LP releasing in 2024, the band has been busy chiseling out their own “Mount Rushmore of Rock”. The music to be transports listeners to an era where rock ‘n’ roll reigned supreme, showcasing the timeless influence that Blues and Country had on the Classic Rock of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. However, there’s a distinct edge to Mount Rushka’s sound, echoing the spirit of the grunge era, reflecting the intensity and nonconformity of the 1990s.

Working with Brian Moncarz (Canadian production royalty), Mount Rushka shares their sound locally through sold-out shows, and tours throughout BC and Alberta building a foundation of die hard followers and passionate Rock music fans.#DownRightRock

Mount Rushka is: Aaron Wrench (Drums), Will Ripley (Lead guitar), Adam Laurin (Lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Alanna Laurin (Bass, backup vocals)

We’re proud of you Mount Ruska – keep rockin!

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