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It was an honour for me to be one of the judges of the Miss Elkford Youth Ambassador program this past Saturday.

The committee of Stephanie Hrisook, Debbie Kliment and Lynn Lundrigan and Judge Chair Robyn Graham was quick to point out that this wasn’t a beauty pageant.

This was a six month commitment for the lucky participants who were given instruction in public speaking by Cindy Gallinger, information on automotive Maintenance by Barry Modin, a community History by Joanne McKerracher and Kathy Scott and resume and interview techniques by Glen Campbell.

The girls were also taught about financial planning by Cindy Hesje and Shauna Klein, healthy relationships and dating violence by Avery Hulbert and Sara Legacy, modeling by Madawna Wiggins and Jody Sammer, nutrition and self esteem by Claire Pinette and Etiquette by Kateri Holmes. Dance instruction was given by Coraley Letcher, Drug and Alcohol Awareness by Kerri Wall and make up Application by Stephanie Hrisook.

Results of this training were obvious during the final day of the program that had three judges, Kateri Holmes from Alberta experienced in judging annual pageants and also in television media, Erin Aasland Hall instructor at the Cranbrook College of the Rockies and a long time judge for the Sam Steele Pageant and a past Sam Steele princess, head judge Robyn Graham, long-time organizer of the judging portion of Sam Steele Pageant and myself as a first time pageant judge.

The day began at eight thirty for the judges who had to come up with six questions each for the individual twenty five minute interview which began with an easy “give us three words to describe yourself” to questions about the oil spill disaster, local government, fostering unity between Elk Valley communites and suggestions about what they would change about the program.

The girls were marked on a point system for how they carried themselves, their manners, speech, knowledge of questions asked and appropriate choice of dress as this was considered a job interview.

A lunch was provided by the girls and their families so that the judges could observe the girls in an informal atmosphere as well.

At six-thirty the public portion of the program began with a great dance number performed by the four contestants to a packed sold out crowd in the Rec Center that included Sam Steele Sweethearts from last year and contestants from this year.

The evening was hosted by Lorrie –Anne MacLeod who did an amazing job of keeping the evening moving along in a very professional manner.
After introduction of the judges and the auditor, Nikki Scott, Megan Nixon, Kenzie Bauer and Victoria McArthur gave speeches and put on a “frugal fashion show”. Each girl was given thirty dollars to come up with an economical outfit that looked fabulous which they did.

The talent part of the evening wowed the audience, Victoria with a violin number, Kenzie singing, Megan on piano and Nikki with a martial arts presentation that included breaking several boards with foot and elbow.

When each one came down the aisle on the arm of a good looking RCMP officer in red serge they were breathtaking in their gowns. It’s obvious Elkford has young women that are talented, intelligent and beautiful.

Points were tallied by the auditor and results placed in sealed envelopes until winners were announced.

Kenzie Bauer was chosen as Miss Elkford and Megan Nixon Miss Elkford Princess.

This pageant was a wonderful opportunity for the girls to learn about a variety of topics that will serve them well in the future. It was also a great way to bond and become great friends. Kudos to the committee, the volunteers and all the sponsors for making this event happen.

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