Gearhub Sports was nominated this November in Freeskier Magazine’s inaugural Top Shop Contest. They were one of only twelve Canadian shops nominated for this North American online contest.

Freeskier wrote, “We know as well as anybody what a vital role ski shops play in our sport. Whether it be buying that new pair of boots you’ve been saving up for, fixing the skis you just dinged up, or even just getting some beta on the local conditions, we rely on local shops all winter long. With that in mind, we decided it’s due time to give them the recognition they deserve and we want you to help us crown the best ski shop in North America.

We’ve nominated some of our favorite shops across the US and Canada for you to browse. Odds are you’re familiar with a number of them but since there are thousands of shops out there we want you to nominate the ones you think are deserving of the recognition. With enough votes, your write-ins will appear alongside our nominees and you can share their pages within your community to help boost their votes.”

The contest for the Top Shop in Canada endured a month of battle and resulting drama. Initially Gearhub was locked in a battle with Monod Sports from Banff and in the final week Ski Cellar Snowboard from Calgary took the battle to a higher level. When the contest ended on December 13th, Gearhub was sitting in the second best ski shop in Canada and sixth in North America. See the results here.

Mark Hall (left) presenting a fatbike to a contest winner

Mark Hall, Gearhub GM, wrote, “Thank you so much to our amazing Gearhub extended family because without your continued coast to coast voting we couldn’t have been so successful. We acknowledge that there are some other amazing shops out there who didn’t even make the list for whatever reason, but we are very proud to be crowned 2nd overall in Canada!”

Jean Hunt, Ski Cellar Snowboard GM, commented, “It would be safe to say that our staff are totally stoked that we came in first. Our thanks to everyone who voted for us and our deepest appreciation that after 72 years our customers still think that we are doing good! Our staff and our customers make us who we are and we could not be happier.”

Gearhub Sports is a one stop for anything you need that keeps you playing in the outdoors. They provide expert service, rentals and knowledge, and the most diverse selection of new and used products at competitive prices. They have won more Best Service awards than any other Fernie shop and continue to define what a sports shop should be.

Congratulations Gearhub Sports!

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