13 runs and 18,000 ft of vertical kept 12 guests and two guides in a suspended state of perma-grin on Saturday. Island Lake Lodge has launched the Fernie season with very good conditions. The snow-pack provided great coverage and the face shots were plentiful.This summer’s gladding effort opened new lines that otherwise would have been too dense to ski. It has doubled terrain for early season openings and with the generous snow-pack, there wasn’t a rock to be seen.

My friend Pat brought along his nifty GPS gadget, recorded our day and plotted the data on a Google Earth map. It’s great technology and sure to be utilized in a commercial application at resorts in the near future.

With FAR’s lifts opening this coming Saturday and Fernie Wilderness Adventures putting in their cat roads, Fernie will soon be in full operation. More snow and good temperatures are forecast for this week. See you out there!

img_0004.jpg googleearth_image.jpg img_0009.jpg img_0005.jpg

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