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In a world focused on the ever now and faster now, the letterpress stands as an archaic way-back machine. Individual cast lead letters are hand picked and set one-by-one, line-by-line, then locked in a chase, inked and paper, a single sheet at a time, passes over the type absorbing an inked impression.

Every step taken becomes individual, exacting and final.

This is not a now process. This is a then process.

On a recent weekend Peter Bartyl of PB & J Bookarts Studio in Balfour led a workshop in the use of the letterpress using the Salmonberry Press Chandler and Price. Originally delivered to the Prince Rupert Times in 1901, this press stands a testament to the quality and durability of machinery built more than a 100 years ago.

The folks in the three-day workshop produced a variety of pieces—from a lino-block illustrated poem to a small poetry chapbook.

Michael Hepher will lead the next scheduled workshop in conjunction with his reduction print exhibit at the Arts Station this summer.

For information on Michael’s workshop and other letterpress workshops, contact Keith Liggett,

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