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The current Fernie snowpack as of May 1 is well above the historical average and raises flood concerns. The Automated Snow Weather Station on Morrissey Ridge provides Real-Time Data and this in the current data.

Floods in the Elk River valley are so common that Fernie and the Regional District are always prepared. The amount of precipitation the region receives in the coming weeks, and the pace at which the snow melts, will be key factors in how severe flooding becomes, if at all. A steady melt and release would be ideal for everyone. The above average snowpack also creates great opportunities for outdoor adventurer’s!

Right now is prime time to explore the backcountry and venture into bigger snow terrain. There’s plenty of skiing and snowmobiling out there in the high peaks, so get out there and play in new high mountain zones. Avalanche Canada’s spring forecasting guide can help you plan your adventure.

The rafting and kayaking season is also upon us and the huge snowpack will provide lots of spring runoff to create some exciting rides through Phillips Canyon on the Elk River. If you haven’t taken a trip on the Lower Elk River this is the year to do it! See more river rafting information here.

With luck the higher elevation hiking and biking trails will be open this June–the lower trails are open now. Be safe and enjoy the season!

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