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Fernie Mural Project Call to Basin Artists

The Fernie & District Arts Council has announced a Fernie Mural Project Call to Basin Artists. The Arts Council proudly received a Public Art Grant from the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance, administered through the Arts & Cultural grant program by the Columbia Basin Trust, along with funding from the Resort Municipality Initiative. This grant aims to enrich Fernie’s public art inventory. Additionally, the Fernie Legion Branch #36 is generously supporting the mural project.

The Fernie Mural Project invites experienced and professional mural artists from the Columbia Basin to participate. The theme, “Station Square, Community & Remembrance,” serves as the guiding inspiration.

Fernie Mural Project Call to Basin Artists

The chosen location for the artwork is the side wall of the Fernie Legion branch #36, facing The Arts Station and serving as a backdrop to Station Square. This area is integral to downtown Fernie’s event scene, hosting gatherings like the Wednesday Socials and Griz Days. Efforts to enhance this space, including the addition of public art and facilities like toilets and storage space, have transformed the space for events.

The designated wall, currently a blank canvas, has been primed with a base coat of Benjamin Moore Chelsea Grey, with trim in Van Deusen Blue, which should be considered in the mural design. Elements such as the Legion sign and surrounding structures, including a deck and parking area, should also be integrated thoughtfully.

The mural should harmonize with and elevate the community space, reflecting its vibrancy without overshadowing it. While the theme is broad to encourage artistic interpretation, artists are encouraged to create a design that resonates with the spirit of Fernie and fosters interaction within the space.

Applicants are reminded to be mindful of cultural appropriation issues when incorporating cultural forms, aesthetics, or iconography, ensuring respectful representation that honors the roots of diverse communities.

Read the project details here.

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