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A Fernie amateur video person caught the Fernie Elf in the act and gets a huge surprise!

The life-sized-elf has been seen all over Fernie starting on 1st December in loca-tions. The elf was spotted at City Hall, a prominent hotel sign on the highway, the top of Isabella Dicken Elementary School, atop a lamppost when the Christ-mas Train came through town, a tree outside the local RCMP and today in the penalty box at the new outdoor rink.

Since the elf’s first appearance, the community and local constabulary have been bamboozled by the elf and think that the phenomenon could only be the work of the REAL SANTA CLAUS.

This morning, video footage has emerged showing the elf being put into location and actually coming to life!

In the footage a person, seemingly one of Santa’s helpers is seen putting the elf in position and sneaking away. In the footage that follows, the elf actually comes to life, limbers up, does a ‘dab’ and has a drink before spotting the camera man.

Mary Giuliano, Mayor of The City of Fernie said: “It is a total surprise, we just don’t know where the elf came from but he is helping us all gear up for the holi-days. I am keeping my eyes open every day to see where he will show up next!”

Once again Santa Claus himself was unavailable for comment but a spokesper-son from his HQ at The North Pole said; “We can’t give you the precise details of the Elf’s mission but we can tell you that he was sent to help the community gear up for Christmas following a difficult period. Of course he will be updating the naughty and nice lists in real time via his Elf interface linked to our cloud computers. It’s too early to say for sure but it looks like the vast majority of Fernie is on the nice list.”

For more info lookout for the Elf on Instagram or Facebook.

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